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Contactless QR Restaurant Menu

Give your customers ability to view your restaurant’s menu right from their own device by scanning a qr code.

Contactless Dining minimises customer contact with anything that someone else might have touched – by eliminating the use of high-touch elements at restaurants. 

Simply put a tent card on table – scan the QR code  to explore the restaurant menu with dish and recommendations. This eliminates the need for menu cards, an  article that is often touched by guests, and are typically unsanitized and could potentially be a source of concern. 

How it works

Step 1: Subscribe for a Contactless QR Restaurant Menu

Step 2: Send us your restaurant's logo and menu in the given excel format

Step 3: That's it! Our team will set it up for you in the shortest of time. We also send you the qr code to print on tent card or sticker. Next time you need to change the menu items /rates simply send us the updated excel!